Xbox Update 1 Patch Notes - V1.0.0.3123

Update v1.0.0.3123 is here! Please read below for a list of what’s changed.

- Improvements and bug fixes to Matchmaking and Host Migration

- Fixes for the PowerUp Instant Selector UI and functionality

- Fixes for a couple of rare and edge case crashes

- Fix for aggressive culling after having played an event in Bleak City

- Improvements to performance in some of the levels

- Fix for the title reporting 'Package execution state: 0 (unknown) after attempting to suspend during an Xbox Live multiplayer session with more than 2 users

- Fix for Random events in playlists having duplicate entries and not being Random in MP

- Fix to visual issues with some of the Kick up VFX

- Fixed broken Ped Re-spotting code

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    hello I bought on Amazon carmageddon in advance but did not receive the code as ever?

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