Post Launch Update #3 - V1.2.1.7713

Update v1.2.1.7713 is here! Please read below for a list of what’s changed.

To help everyone get in the festive mood, today we’re releasing Update 3 for Carmageddon: Reincarnation. And what’s Santa got for you in his bulging Update sack? Well, Santa’s pleased to announce the coming of the first TRACKED vehicle to the game! Yes, Heinz Faust is back in his updated killer ride. This new version is called the “Blitzkrieger”, and it’s got a terrifying set of tank tracks more than capable of crushing everything in its path!

And that’s not the only new vehicle to go roaring down Bleak City’s streets in… We’re also prouder than an elf with an antler down his trousers to introduce a sleek piece of classic continental metal for you to play with too, in the shape of “Shredlight”. It’s an open top racy number that sports a set of Ped-mangling teeth set into its front wings, and a vicious set of tyre-shredding wheel spinners!

What else is NEW? Well, there’s this stuff TOO:

Support for Vehicles with More than 4 Wheels!
In order for us to get Blitzkrieger to work, we had to add support for vehicles which had more than 4 wheels plus support for tank tracks. Go Go Modders!

New Damage!
Any damage that causes whole body deformation – things like the damage you get from Mines, Slaughter Mortar, Mine Shitting Ability and Earthquake Bomb – now includes a chance for a chassis twist! It can even happen through extreme damage, such as falling off a very tall building or very high speed impacts. Whilst fiddling in this area, we also made the Earthquake Bomb do more mine-like damage. Smashing!

Incorrectly Awarded Kill Points Improved
We’ve been making big improvements to the logic involved in figuring out who killed who, especially when there are more than two vehicles involved. Points for kills should now feel a lot fairer and incorrect reports of suicide should be improved too.

Multiplayer Toughness
We’ve been tweaking the numbers for the Offence and Defence stats for all the cars in Multiplayer. We’ve hopefully closed the gap a bit between all the different cars so that player to player damage is fairer.

Dual Core Machine Garage Freeze
In the last update we had a few reports of the Garage freezing for players using a Dual Core machine. This should now be fixed! Join us in Multiplayer over the Holiday Season to give the changes a good thrashing too!

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