How do I enable Crossfire/SLI support?

There’s a new option in the config.lua to allow you to specify whether or not you have a Crossfire or SLI setup. If you enter the game and quit out at the menu, the config.lua should have this new option available, ‘multi_gpu = false’. Set this to true to enable multi gpu support.

If you’re running a Crossfire setup you will need to enable Crossfire for the game in the AMD control center.

There are still other issues with Crossfire/SLI support that we are aware of and aiming to iron out soon.

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    Hi :)
    I set the lua config as true but i still see only one gpu is used
    Do i need to do anything in the Nvidia panel etc?
    Cheers :)

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    Lord Crisp

    running 7970s in CrossFire and this does not work...
    It doesn't use the second card after activating it.

    I can however force CrossFire on with 2 other options, which is "AFR Friendly" which flickers so much that it's unplayable.
    And "Optimize 1x1" which DOES use the second card, but still seems to make me LOSE something like 8fps in average :/

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    Lord Crisp

    Oh and "Optimize 1x1" also has some flickering... but not that much

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