Carmageddon: Reincarnation Title Update 7 Beta – 28-04-2015

A new update is available now (Beta v0.9.0.6939). This will be automatically applied to your game, the next time you run the Steam client. But if your game is not being updated, please log out of Steam and back in and it should then start the update.


  • General performance improvements
  • Significant improvement in game stability
  • Significant reduction in crashes (the bad sort, not the fun sort)
  • MP max count set to 6 cars

Multiplayer is the area of the game most beneficially served by this Update. You should find that the experience is FUN FUNNER FUNNEST!

Improvements to cars

  • Tweaks to cars’ comparative specs and performance
  • Tweaks to car Upgrades
  • Rims and Skins unlocking works

Improvements to AI

  • AI Pathfinding
  • AI general behaviour

Improvements to Levels

  • Tweaks to race routes
  • PUp placement and selection

Improvements to PUps

  • Bug fixes
  • Tweaks to timings and frequencies

Tech Improvements

  • Improvements to Virtual Texture performance
  • Improvements to Visual Settings options


  • Music/audio files can be edited, so players can enjoy MP with custom WAVs/MP3s
  • Engine volume slider


  • Steam Cloud Save support
  • Improved localisation

For the full list of Known Issues including issues that have been fixed visit

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    i couldnt play because the game CRASH when i hit PLAY in STEAM.

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    I cant see anything on my screen theres a HUGE BUG!

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