Game crashes shortly after showing the splash screen

If you are running Windows 7 please ensure you have the latest Windows update (more specifically the following update - To check if you have the latest Windows Update click on the Start button, select 'All Programs' and near the top you'll find an option for 'Windows Update'. If your still experiencing problems after doing this or your not on Windows 7 please submit a support request.

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    Finally I found the problem. I did an integrity check on the steam files, had to replace 18 corrupt files... So maybe worth giving that a try? I got the answer from this topic:

    "OK, I got it working:
    Went to Steam, right-click the game->Properties->Local Files->Verify Intergity of game cache. It said tha a file was corrupt and after that the game managed to start."

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    Hi Spliffmeister, i have the problem game crashes on start the race.
    Can you describe step fot step what to do, i have not understand the term went to steam, is that a special folder ? Please help me. Thanks a lot and sorry for the beginner questions. Gerne auch in Deutsch, wenn Spliff MEISTER ein Deutscher ist. Ciao Maze.

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    @maze74246 Hi, I DON'T have any problems running this. It always worked in some fashion. If you want to verify the game files, you must first open the Steam App. You can right click on the steam icon in your system tray.

    1. Select 'LIBRARY'. A window will appear with all your purchased games.
    2. Right click on Carmageddon from the list on the left. Go down to the LAST option 'PROPERTIES'
    3. In the tabs which appear in the game properties window select 'LOCAL FILES'. Finally, in the options click 'VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE'. Wait for Steam to check your files and it will notify you if you have any problems.


    ps, you MUST have a fully updated copy of windows and recent graphic card drivers and meet the minimum specs....

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    Hi Greg, many thanks for your very good exlplaination. I have checked the game cache, no files are corrupted. I think, the properties of my laptop are the problem ?! Asus Laptop pro64jq, Intel Core i7 cpu q720@1,6 ghz, 4 GB Ram,
    Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5730 1 GB Video RAM Driver 8.692.10 from the year 2010 (the newer amd catalyst driver is not compatible with my asus laptop) Win7 Home 64bit sp1.

    Do you mean, my computer is the problem ?

    All other games from steam are running in good quality.

    Thanks for your help from Germany.


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    Oh, I have a feeling the problem if you get the game running will be definitely be performance. Maybe your graphics card is not fully Direct X 11 compatible? My Asus N71 (of a similar year 2011) ran the alpha & beta versions (slowly, on low detail) but I am almost certain it would not have started the full game. I think you might think of running it on a newer system. Sorry :( Hope you get to play the game, because it is awesome! Good luck!

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    Still waiting for a fix, or a clue at least... I tried it using 2 different machines, same error. These guys have my money and I can't play what I paid for, pretty much backwards piracy

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    This is the error:
    CLua::modLoad - Could not load "texture_quality_defaults" from ".?.lua;"

    So fuck do something with this error.

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    I fully updated my 7 x64. Now it's working

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    Nope. Still broken for me. Although now the game just straight up crashes on the splash screen instead of showing the error message first. So, progress?

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