Carmageddon: Reincarnation Title Update 4 – 16-07-2014

Time to cancel your evening plans, ignore the phone and get stuck into some Carma carnality as we bring you ANOTHER exciting Update! This is the 4th Update, as we continue to STUFF your Steam with Carma Goodness - WOO!

This time, we have lots of cool updates and NEW STUFF to check out - such as sexeh fully textured cars, new PowerUps, a new car, and whole new arena to play in! So go forth, download your Update and CHECK THIS LOT OUT:


  • Stiffshifter (Gameplay Ready)
  • Volkswerker (Complete)
  • Bear (Complete)
  • Tashita (Complete)



Bleak City - Outskirts

  • 1 new route – Rushin’ Roulette

 MagNuChem – The Core

  • New arena! 1 Route – Core Blimey Mate

 MagNuChem - Reprocessor

  • 3 new routes!
    • Bridge of Cries
    • Pier Pressure
    • Pass the Port

Dusty Trails – National Park

  • No new routes Powerups have been rejigged.

 Frosty Pass – Rig Wreck

  • New and improved! Now with more girth!


New Powerups!

  • Spastic Opponents
  • Suicidal Peds
  • Jelly Suspension
  • Wall Climber



  • Placeable cameras in AR (check FAQ for how to use)
  • Updated sound content


The FAQ and Known issues list has been updated too, so before you make a bug report make sure to check whether it's a known issue already! The FAQ also details how to use the NEW camera in AR! You can find the updated FAQ here.


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