Carmageddon Max Pack Known Issues

Known issues with the current version of Carmageddon Max Pack on Steam:

  • Unable to change the music volume
  • Steam window and Windows notifications are flickering above game
  • Steam overlay breaks mouse navigation
  • 'S' key cannot be assigned to any control
  • Icon on taskbar is DOSBOX instead of Carma logo
  • ALT + TAB can sometimes results in a prolonged black screen
  • Wrecks gallery has no way of seeing which car is selected besides a small nameplate
  • Level description text is becoming stuck outside text area
  • Cars with 3 digit race numbers aren't appearing in grid list
  • Screen flickering issues when viewing map in multiplayer
  • Suppressor gears change to inbetween numbers
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    Just purchased car and full game pack. It didnt show up.

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