Action Replay

At any time during the race you can enter Action Replay mode (‘Num-Enter’ on a keyboard or ‘Back’ on a controller). You can then play back a ‘tape’ of events during the race and watch your antics again.

You can use a mouse and keyboard or controller to operate Action Replay mode as described further in the ‘Default controls’ section.

Note: Action Replay is not available during a multiplayer game.

Camera Types

Changing the camera type gives you five alternative views:

Action Camera (default)
This camera automatically frames the action in the Action Replay, for instance a pedestrian being hit.

Panning Camera
This mode pans the camera from a series of set positions on the player car’s path, automatically jumping from point to point, following the car.

Placeable Cam
Allows the player to select the camera’s position anywhere in the scene and then select a target; the camera will then track the movement of the target from its custom position.

Chase Cam
This camera is the normal viewing camera in game – following behind the vehicle of interest.

Bumper Cam
This Camera allows the player to view the replay from the bumper of their car.

Playback/Edit Camera Modes

You can toggle between Playback and Edit Camera modes by pressing the ‘Y’ button on an Xbox 360 controller. In Edit Camera mode the playback controls are removed and will give you more control over how the camera is setup in Playback mode.

Keyboard Controls Action Replay - General

Toggle Action Replay


Action Replay Options


Keyboard Controls Action Replay - Playback

Frame backward

Num 1

Play Reverse

Num 2

Frame Forward

Num 3


Num 4


Num 5


Num 6

Go to Start

Num 7

Play Forward

Num 8

Go to End

Num 9

Toggle playback

Num 0

Hide UI


Keyboard Controls Action Replay – Camera Edit

Camera Type


Roll Left


Roll Right


Target Next Car


Target Previous Car


Free-Look Goto Car


Free-Look Forward


Free-Look Left


Free-Look Right


Free-Look Backward


Free-Look Up


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