Carmageddon: Reincarnation Title Update 3 - 18-06-2014

Grasp your controllers firmly Carmafans! In our efforts to pleasure you regularly with gaming goodness and gore, we bring you ANOTHER exciting Update to our Steam Early Access release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation. We have updated content and also present BRAND SPANKING NEW STUFF to ogle over, drive or destroy….and it's all OUT NOW!

Let’s take a look at what NEW goodies have been added and what’s been IMPROVED in our latest Update (build Pre-Alpha v0.3.0.5621)


  • COMPLETE Annihilator
  • COMPLETE The Plow INCLUDING driver Don Dumpster!
  • Revealing The Bear (geometry complete, gameplay ready)
  • Revealing Tashita (geometry complete except for weapon, gameplay ready)
  • Revealing Volkswerker (geometry complete, gameplay ready)


Bleak City Outskirts

  • NEW race routes for you to navigate
  • Building optimisations

City Arena (Sumo)

  • Complete and cosy NEW level, designed for future Multiplayer fun

Dusty Trails

  • Tear round these NEW race routes

Rig Wreck

  • Geometry and Texture WIP

Snow Arena (Iceberg)

  • NEW routes, created with Multiplayer in mind

Industrial A

  • Textures WIP


  • NEW Wheelspin control; demanded by Carmafans, implemented by us …because we love ya!!
  • More PowerUps – Discover the hilarious NEW ‘Opponent Ejaculator’ and ‘Opponent Bodywork Vac’ powerups, and revel in the return of some old favourites.


  • Roaring NEW sound effects and engine noise


Optimisation work on our engine and rendering tech also continues, and you should experience further improvements to the performance of the game on medium spec PCs. See the specs details on the Steam Store page for more information regarding tech requirements. We’ve also fixed lots of bugs, however, please remember we’re still in Early Access, and so the oft-repeated caveats concerning game performance and BUGS still apply!

If you already own the game and your Steam update is set to run automatically, then you won’t have to lift a finger; all these new goodies will be downloaded the next time you run Carmageddon: Reincarnation!

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