Carmageddon: Reincarnation 'Hot Fix' - 03-04-2014

The team has been extremely busy since our Early Access launch last week and we have another ‘Hot Fix’ to send your way! The highlights for this Hot Fix include updates to Action Replay, making it more stable.

The new Hot Fix is available now (Pre-Alpha v0.1.3.4668). This will be automatically applied to your game, the next time you run the Steam client. But if your game is not being updated, please log out of Steam and back in and it should then start the update.

The fixes in the Hot Fix are:

Action Replay Fixes: 

  • Added Keyboard Controls for Camera (and Exit) in Action Replay
  • General fixes to make Action Replay more stable
  • Fixes to make Large/Long Action Replay sessions more stable
  • Fixed some issues with particles in Action Replay
  • Fixed some AR issues with Granny’s Zimmer frame

Others Fixes:

  • Fixed some physics issues related to PEDs, PUPs and Picket Fences!
  • Fixed crash problems when ejecting drivers from vehicles
  • Fixed some text issues in Russian language version
  • Made changes to the PowerUp Instant Selector graphic guide

New known issues with the current Steam build (Pre-Alpha v0.1.3.4668)

  • Cows sometimes 'Teleport' at speed in Action Replay 
  • Caddy Fat Cat rear lights out of place when damaged 
  • Cannot cycle through cameras in post-race replay 
  • Slowdown when rewinding through footage of reconstruction of objects in Action Replay 
  • Help section cannot be accessed in Action Replay

For the full list of Known Issues including issues that have been fixed visit

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    Any idea when we might see another update? Thanks

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