PowerUp Instant Selector! (PIS)

The PIS allows you to purchase with credits PowerUps that you’ve previously picked up. Once you have picked up a PowerUp you can purchase it at any time using the PIS.

The PIS allows you to bind a PowerUp to one of 4 shortcuts. To bind a PowerUp to a short cut on keyboard press I, J, K or L and with an Xbox 360 controller any direction on the D-Pad. On doing so the selection flower expands out to fill the screen.

The selection flower is separated into three levels (In this order):

  • PowerUp Categories (the default level)
  • Sub Categories
  • PowerUps

The selection cursor initially points to the top most icon on the PIS rebinding interface. On deciding on an item the player simply press enter or ‘A’ on a controller to either go down to the next level, or if they have a PUp highlighted map it to the desired direction, close the selection flower and return the player back to the game. Pressing B (or ESC) at any point will move the player back up a level. If you are at the top level and press B (or ESC) one more time you’ll back out of the PIS interface with no changes saved or applied.

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