Carmageddon: Reincarnation Title Update - 27-03-2014

Content update (Pre-Alpha v0.1.2.4593). This will be automatically applied to your game the next time you run your Steam client.

New environments:

  • Dusty Trails
  • MagNuChem

Front End updates: 

  • Control the visual options from the menus
  • New choices to choose the behavior of reverse camera
  • Control the master sound volume (boy do we treat you!)
  • New option to quickly restart the event once your event has ended


  • Performance and stability enhancements
  • Improvements to stability of Action Replay
  • The Powerup Instant Selector (or “PIS” – quick access to powerups you’ve picked up AND to purchase more after you’ve used them.
  • A tutorial for the PIS
  • Addition of the dev Free Cam and Inspection Cam available in action replay
  • New types of ped
  • More sounds
  • General bug fixes

PIS Remapper

Select – Use the PIS to select 1 of 4 Powerups.

  • Tap a direction to purchase a mapped Powerup

Purchase – Double tap to purchase the Powerup with race credits if you don’t own it.

  • Double tapping buys that PUP and removes race credits
  • You can only purchase PUPs if you have the credits (unless you have switched on the Allow PIS Overdraft in Pre Release Options – found on the Freeplay setup screen.)

Customise – Press and hold to reassign Powerups you've discovered.

  • Press and hold the DPad or I,J,K,L keys to bring up the remapper.
  • Navigate using steering controls.
  • Enter/A to confirm choices.
  • Esc/B to back up a level and exit the remapper.
  • Only Powerups that have been collected can be mapped

Action Replay Special Cameras

  •          You can hide the Action Replay HUD by pressing “Num Pad .(Del)”!

Inspection Cam

  • Press C  on the keyboard or Y on the Controller to change cameras
  • Use the right analogue stick to orbit around the car

Free Look cam

  • Press C or Y on the Controller to change cameras
  • Keyboard/Mouse only
  • I and K to go up and down
  • J and L to go left and right
  • Mouse to look around
  • Left click go forwards (hold shift to speed up)
  • Right click go backwards (hold shift to speed up)
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