[RESOLVED] In-game glitching and horrible slow-down when repairing

Known issue with the current Steam build (Pre-Alpha v0.1.0.4369)

Currently if you go into the garage (the "Change Car" screen) to select a different car, using that car will cause in-game glitching and horrible slow-down of the game when repairing. This is the case for every car chosen except Twister. As a work-around to this known bug, if you want to change cars, take the following steps:

  1. Go the the Change Car screen
  2. Select a car (hit Return, and you'll see that car as your choice on the Grid screen)
  3. Go back (Esc) until you're at the Main Menu
  4. Exit the game
  5. Re-run the game.

The car you selected previously will have been stored by the game, so you can go straight to a race without having to enter the Change Car screen, and the bug will be avoided.

15-03-2014 Update: This issue has now been resolved with the "Hot Fix" applied in Pre-Alpha v0.1.0.4406.

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