The game doesn’t work! What do I do?

We suggest you head over to’s support forums here. Search the forum to see whether anyone else has the same sort of problem you are having.

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    Well so far I haven't been able to get into the game at all. Just stuck on Splash Screen. Looks great though :D

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    I will not start.
    It starts to load the game. (Before the race, the loading screen) and crashes the whole: ((

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    Only Icecubed map working for me nothing else...
    country map and others just crash befor start...

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    I have all the minimum requirements for the game, but gets stuck on the splash screen for a long while. So when it does get into the game, I get a black screen and the sound - no video.

    Just thought I should also mention that this is a refurbished HP EliteBook 8440p -- I don't know if the video card is it's actual video card, due to the fact that my Re-writable DVD Drive (when it showed it in device manager) was not really that : it was simply a DVD Drive.


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    It does not work and says I should snoop around here, but that doesn't really help

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    I can not start the game , it makes a black screen and tells me to avoid here as Bartjaah .

    Before the patch of the Valencian saint , it worked well .

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    hallo mein spiel crash sofort nach dem splash bildschirm. dann kommen so merkwürdige meldungen wie "Verdammt wir wussten das das passiert." was soll denn sowas? wer kann mir da helfen?????? hin und wieder zeigter auch an das eine steam api dll fehlt die aber im hauptverzeichnis vom spiel drin ist. dann bekomm ich hin und wieder die meldung mit runtime error. habe schon alles probiert den appcache ordner löschen windows aktualisiert und weiteres. bin mit meinem latain am end. wenns nicht funktioniert hätt ich gern mein geld wieder, aber leider finde ich auch nichts wo ich ma ne mail hinschicken könnte. und diese schwindeligen formulare zum ausfüllen bringen mich auch nichts weiter da sich niemand darauf meldet. Hilfe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    same here. splash screen then black screen and a "not responding". Really bumbed that i cant play the game anymore, it did work before the huge update came along. Iv tried all of the guides and none are working. Pls fix this guys! but thank you for a great looking game so far.

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    Same here. Just bought the game (finally!) and I get a CTD after the splash screen shows. Running Win10.

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