Carmageddon: Reincarnation Known issues

Known issues with the current Steam build (v1.2.1.7713)

If you come across an issue that’s not covered below, please report it with as much detail as possible here


If you report a crash please include as much information as possible, and send us your dxdiag and config.lua. The script log and session log can also be very useful to us if you have your game set up to produce these. For more information on reporting crashes, please read our reporting crashes article.


During Multiplayer games the network interruption box may stay on screen occasionally, but you should still be able to play the game.

When a game is created with random cars and player's garage, the car selection is unrestricted.

Selecting ‘Repair & Resume’ in the Multiplayer ‘pause’ menu doesn’t actually do anything.

Very rarely, a player might be left in a game by themselves after a Network Interruption. 

A player may also find they are left in a game by themselves if the host and any other players leave during the event. Not much fun playing by yourself…

Sometimes you might get a power up icon stuck on the screen. This tends to happen when picking up a lot of them all at once.

If you join a friend’s game using Steam (e.g. through an invitation) and you don’t have Carmageddon: Reincarnation running already, it’ll bypass the save slot selection screen. Don’t worry though, it’ll use the save you used.


The “Stealworthy” label you see on cars can reappear on a car that you have already stolen. It’s a superficial issue and doesn’t affect the game at all

Car Related Issues

When driving Countslash, the camera view ends up inside the car when driving over Island gratings or the raised ramp area in Industrial.

If you are driving the Annihilator you can still purchase Turbo using the PIS, but this is silly as Annihilator has permanent Turbo! It’s a waste of your credits, so our advice is don’t do it!

Badly bent turbine fans on Tropi-Kill will rotate around an external point, rather than from the centre.

The rear bumpers on the CU:NT are not at the same resolution as the rest of the car.

Spinnertron VFX and some exhaust VFX (e.g. Turbo) are out of place on both Blitzkrieger and Shredlight.

The damage HUD for Blitzkrieger can report incorrect wheels having come off.  

Blitzkrieger’s exhausts don’t appear to detach. They’ve been welded on a bit too tight!

Shredlight’s Engine may become inaudible when idle.


If you try to customise a controller preset, the playable tutorial may stop working.

Audio Issues

Some sounds may be cut short or not play at all

Voice chat only plays through the right channel, and is very quiet

If you boot the game without an audio device, enabling one won’t resume the audio until you reboot the game.

We’ve been fiddling with all things audio, so you may find that some sounds are either louder or quieter than they were before. You may want to tweak your audio preferences again.


You may experience loading stutter on loading screens and sometimes at the beginning of an event

Sometimes when the music track changes it will cause a small but noticeable pause in gameplay

Flickering and Shadows

You may occasionally come across rendering issues such as flickering textures and shadows behaving strangely. Shadows particularly misbehave when underwater

Achievements & Stats

Stats can misbehave

We kind of broke some of the Achievements… these ones might not unlock:

  • 50 shades of red
  • Slap it in’er slot (doesn’t seem to unlock if you auto upgrade your parts)
  • Truly a Stunning…

The “Times Wrecked in MP” stat will always show as 0.

The “Longest Session” stat might not always record your time properly.

We’ve miscounted when it comes to the PIS TAKER challenge, so unfortunately you’ll not be able to complete it.

Overall Leaderboard for Multiplayer sometimes get confused and doesn’t update correctly.

Focus Issues

If you have moved the focus away from the game, pressing buttons on the controller will still register.

Audio can sometimes stack up when the game is out of focus.


There’s an option in the config.lua to allow you to specify whether or not you have a Crossfire or SLI setup. If you enter the game and quit out at the menu, the config.lua should have this new option available, ‘multi_gpu = false’. Set this to true to enable multi gpu support.

If you’re running a Crossfire setup you will need to enable Crossfire for the game in the AMD control centre.

There are still other issues with Crossfire/SLI support that we are aware of and aiming to iron out soon

Game Modes

The fox timer and player name plate may get confused and remain blue when you are not the fox or may not transfer when another player becomes the fox.

Control issues

If a PC has multiple 360 controllers attached, the game responds to any of them in the UI.
However, driving controls only work with Controller 1, regardless of which was used to start the game.

If you have existing save game data, the keyboard control listed for “Free-Look” will be displayed as “Error”. It’s actually “ALT”.

Camera and Culling problems

We’re still tweaking the culling system, as there are issues where sometimes if you are under water or very close to a wall the game will start culling the scene (basically stops rendering/drawing it so it disappears) because it thinks you can’t see it.

The camera can sometimes go a little squiffy if it finds itself in a tight spot, such as driving under the metal grating in the big pipes in the industrial levels, the camera will just stare at the grating meaning you can no longer see your car. We’re working on making it smarter.


Rarely the game may crash when you alt-tab away from the game.

Action Replay

This is so much fun to use, however it may cause crashes whilst you are in Action Replay, or a short time after you exit Action Replay mode

Putting the Placeable Camera in Action Replay behind a wall will cull everything (which means things are no longer drawn, so effectively ‘disappear’)

The Hide HUD option doesn’t get rid of the entire HUD when using the controller. The ‘Playback Mode’ and ‘Edit Camera Mode’ text boxes remain on the screen. Using the Mouse & Keyboard doesn’t show this problem.

Visual Options

Depending on the combination of visual options you have on, things might look a little blurry. It seems that having Depth of Field (DOF) and Motion Blur on at the same time sometimes causes this. Try turning one of these options off and see if it makes things a bit clearer.

You might get a dialog appear about resetting your visual options a second time after completing a game. Don’t worry, it won’t bother you again.

Motion Blur can make the rear wheels of the car look funny.

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  • Avatar
    Freeride Forever

    Lots of things are missing from this list. Some of which are already known. They are:

    • The horrible dead throttle problem on hills.

    • Peds stuck behind walls/rocks (Magnuchem Reprocessor & Dusty Trails mainly I think)

    • Sometimes when repairing immediately after being wrecked ONCE, the car wrecks itself again & charges 2X for repairs.

    • On Car Crusher player kills aren't subtracted from the wrecked opponent. Honestly, the game appears to fail hard at keeping track of kill consequences in all game modes. Not awarding peds, laps, time or kills properly.

    • Damage severity is retarded. 300 kph into a wall in a light car might leave a scratch sometimes, but Pitbull can just sniff my shitter & blow me to pieces. Even in the Subpressor it happed once. :s


    • It may be by design but (it's dumb if it is) when on top of an opponent, tires have 0 (ZERO!) traction! Like if Twister is riding on top of another vehicle, it's gotta slide off, it can't drive off. Dumb dumbdy dumb dumb, DUUUUUUMB! :|

    I think that's all I got for now. This stuff should be added to the known issues list. Some of this stuff is already known to be known. Not sure why those things aren't on this list. Build version is current as of this post. Maybe our new update has fixed some of that stuff, eh Stainless? ;)

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    Hi. Finally got some time off to play. Finally installed yesterday. Finally got to try it out. I had a nice session, quit and went to sleep. Today - no cookie. When started from Steam, the game simply LOCKS UP MY COMPUTER completely, so not even bloody CTRALTDEL works anymore... The only recourse is to fraking hard reset it. Please, please, please let me play guys... I am one of the old faithful ones, I played the original and even bought the Android version of the original - it's flawless, phenomenal and perfect, that one, btw. But I want to play Reincarnation, that is one game I bought early access. Please guys... please... I have nvidia 960 card (latest driver - 361.43), intel 3570k, 16GB ram... The worst is trhat it worked like a charm yesterday, what the bloody hell happened?

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