My Action Replay is AMAZING! How do I save it?

You’ll need to utilise the AMAZING Recording Mode within Action Replay.

Tapping on this icon opens up further icons to let you crop which part of the video you want to save as an Action Replay.

  • Start of recording
  • End of recording
  • Save

When selecting ‘Save’, you will be shown a preview of the sequence you’ve selected to make a movie of. Tapping ‘Cancel’ will abort the preview and take you back into Recording Mode. Once a preview has finished you are given the option to either Save your Replay or not:

  • Save –This will save your video to the Video Manager. You will see the video run slowly while your video is being saved and a green progress bar at the bottom of the screen. This is normal.
  • No – You will be taken back to Recording Mode

Note that up to 18 videos can be saved per device at any one time, but there’s no limit to the amount you can upload*.

Exit Action Replay by tapping the X button in list on the right.

* Internet charges may apply.

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