Carmageddon iOS and Android Known Issues


  • Edit Controls positions not saved when reinstalling the app.
  • Action Replay uploads being interrupted by the screen locking
    • Workaround: either turn off the automatic screen lock or provide input (tap the screen) during upload
  • Possible to get stuck in the Video Manager when viewing/deleting videos
    • Workaround: If you’ve managed to get to this state, you’ll have to manually close the app. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen. Now double-press the Home button to open the task manager at the bottom of the screen. Hold your finger on one of the open apps so that they start to wobble, then tap the ‘X’ in the corner of the Carmageddon/CarmaFree app icon. This will close it. Double-press the Home button again to come out of the task manager. You can now relaunch the app.
  • Part of the error message seen for an unsuccessful YouTube login is not localised.
    • This is an issue with the Google API. When they fix it, it’ll be fixed in the game.
  • Sound heard when setting game volume to zero and viewing an Action Replay in reverse.
    • Workaround: if you don’t want to hear sounds, set the device volume to zero.
  • When changing car or track and returning to the main hub, the previous selection is very briefly displayed.
    • This has no effect on your changes in selection. In fact if you blink, you’ll miss it!
  • Rarely, the colour red is lost in the menus after completing Top Gear Thrash
    • If you do manage to encounter this then there is no effect on the game. The issue will right itself if you continue playing or restart the app.
  • The game’s music doesn’t resume if your own music is turned off using the earmic earphones.
    • You can ‘kick-start’ the game’s music by going into the music settings of the Pause Menu and then resuming gameplay.
  • On an iPhone 5, tapping the ‘R’ during an Action Replay doesn’t hide the user interface.
    • Workaround: tap the screen slightly to the right of the ‘R’.
  • When using the Cop Car, any other Cop Cars in the race will share the same damage as you.


There is a bug affecting a handful of devices on Android 4.1.2, where you get a black screen after the intro video (no graphics), but you can still hear menu sounds when pressing around. To fix this issue after the intro video minimize to your home screen and then maximize the app again. Alternatively try locking and unlocking the screen. Carmageddon should reload successfully with graphics visible. Please note we can't guarantee the workaround will fix the issue across all devices, but it has worked for some users on this thread:

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    I purchased and installed Carmageddon on my Doro Liberto 820 Android mobile phone. When I select the buy option to unlock all cars, my game just freezes. Can anyone help me, please?

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