How do I access Action Replay?

Action Replay is accessed by swiping the screen from right to left during a race. You’ll see the following screen:

  • Top:
    • Tap the flashing R to hide the User Interface. Tap anywhere on the screen to display it again.
    • Drag or hold your finger on the bar to navigate the replay
  • Left
    • Pause
    • Play. Move the bar further up to increase the playback speed
    • Rewind. Move the bar further down to increase the playback speed
  • Bottom
    • Rewind
    • Play in reverse
    • Rewind by frame
    • Pause
    • Play by frame
    • Play
    • Fast forward
  • Right
    • Help overlay
    • Exit Action Replay
    • Recording mode (see below)
    • Change Camera. Tap to switch between:
      • Action-Cam
      • Chase-Cam
      • Bonnet-Cam
      • Panning-Cam
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