I don’t like the position of my controls. Can I move them around?

You can change the positions of the controls by choosing the ‘Edit Controls’ option in the Pause Menu. Drag each control icon to the desired position on the screen and when you’re happy with where they all are, tap ‘Save & Continue’. The green box around each control icon represents the actual ‘hot spot’ area that responds to being touched. If you try to move an icon somewhere it can’t be positioned, the green box will turn red and the icon will jump back to its previous safe location.

You can always set the controls back to their original “factory” positions, using the ‘Default’ option on this screen.

N.B. Editing the locations of the controls is done on a per-device basis only – which means that if you install an update of the game or delete it and reinstall it, your custom positions will be lost, and you will need to re-edit them. Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about this. Believe us, the alternative was too awful to contemplate.

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