Known Issues

Current list of Known Issues:

  • Purchasing a Pedestrian PowerUp for use in the Pedestrian Tutorial on event two will have no affect.
  • If your devices' clock changes whilst the game is running you may be kicked out the event you are playing (in some cases you will get kicked out of two events). To fix this issue please close and restart Carmageddon Crashers.
  • If your devices' clock time changes whilst the game is running it can cause multiplayer tickets to be unpurchasable. To fix this please close and restart Carmageddon Crashers.
  • ANDROID - Players that suffer from a poor data connection during an in app purchase may receive an error message from the Google Store and then be unable to continue a purchase. To fix this error please ensure that you have a stable data connection and restart your device.
  • When connecting to a Facebook profile that has previously not been used a data mismatch error may be shown. Please take care to continue with the correct save data.
  • The left most panel in the Multiplayer menu is your racing avatar. No... you can't select yourself as an opponent, yes it is a little unclear. We are working to improve the visualization of this menu.
  • ANDROID - Stability issues have been encountered with the Moto X (2nd Generation) device. We are continuing to look into optimizations to improve these problems.
  • Disconnecting from a Facebook account may leave you with a default 'John Doe' driver name at the start of the game. Please reconnect to your Facebook account in order to resume with your previous name and save data.
  • During a 'Carma' upgrade, windows of a vehicle may disappear temporarily.
  • iOS - The notifictions pin shown on the app icon isn't always removed when dismissing a notification. To clear it please restart the game.
  • ANDROID - Installation issues have been reported for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device on Operating Systems below version 7.0. If you have one of these devices and are experiencing problems when launching the game, please try to reinstall or upgrade the devices Operating system.
  • iOS - A rare rendering issue can occur when loading into an event, a series of colored bars is displayed across the screen. Should this happen to you, please close and restart the game.
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    It would be nice, if i woukd have separate repairs in different zones/cars... Different cars-> fully repaired is logical to me..

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